Cast Members

The cast of Santas at The Real Black Santa are background screened and highly trained in the art of SantaClausology. We take real pride in making each visit a memory of a life time.

Santa Dee

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Santa Dee grew up on the south side of the North Pole. As a kid, he enjoyed playing ice hockey and snowmobile racing. Santa Dee has many loves that are dear to him, including his wife, kids, and his reindeer.
Santa Dee enjoys riding around in his sleigh and when the sleigh is in the shop he prefers a Segway.

Mrs. Clause

Mrs. Claus is the glue that holds the operation together. Without Mrs. Claus, Santa wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t be able to find his way, and there would be no toys. You see, Mrs. Claus supervises the elves. She is responsible for making all of the toys while Santa fishes and plays ice hockey. Mrs. Claus makes a mean Peach Cobbler and she’s told that her Collard Greens are good too.

Elf Gigi

elf gigi
Gigi is the baby of the bunch. She’s responsible for the happiness of every kid that comes to the North Pole. Gigi is an awesome snow skier and has started to enjoy ice-fishing. In her spare time Gigi has begun to collect vintage toys. Her vintage toys collections includes Barbie Dolls, Tricycles, and metal wagons. Gigi is presently a straight A student at North Pole High School and she hopes to be President of the United States one day.